Barbara Cassani’s back – good luck girl!

Speaking of Go as I was below, the splendid Barbara Cassani is back in the airline business.I’ve a lot of time for Cassani. I think she’s a class act, effective leader, and brings that rare commodity – passion – to business. I’ve told the story before, but Go had a bit of a shocker one day during her time there when a newspaper managed to get a reporter into an aircraft in their engineering base at Stansted without trying very hard. It wasn’t actually Go’s fault – but cue embarrassment all round.

I’d barely heard about the story when Cassani was on the phone to me proactively putting Go’s side of the story at eight in the morning. The firm looking after the aircraft, and the airport, got the drubbing they deserved and Cassani walked away smelling of roses – literally for all I know.

The other Cassani story about her shedding tears as BA sold out to Easyjet has been told a zillion times, but I still like it (assuming it’s true). Businesses without passion are never better than middling at best, mediocre at worst. I’m no expert on Vueling, and I don’t think that has been their problem, but Cassani might be what they need.

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