Boeing 747 programme chief moved, apparently

Scott Hamilton’s pages at Leeham are the only place to be checking out today. Buried deep down in them is the remarkable news that the head of the 747 (including -8) programme has moved on after a year. This, as far as I can make out, was never announced by the company. Scott’s also dug up Canada’s first input into the Boeing/Airbus WTO saga. (They’re backing the US.)Dan Mooney’s the VP 747 who’s now heading up regulatory affairs. His original appointment to the 747 job was announced in the normal Boeing way, and of course Mike Bair’s departure from the 787 got the full regulatory disclosure treatment. So why Mooney’s latest move slipped past I’m not sure.

That also meant that the departure of a great Boeing servant – Chet Ekstrand – went unnoticed by the world, since he was in the regulatory affairs job. It was Ekstrand who led Boeing’s epic effort to take the ETOPS concept to its logical 180-minute conclusion and beyond in the mid-1990s, among many other great battles he fought with FAA, JAA, EASA and the rest.

I met him when he was doing that and then again when he headed up Boeing’s CNS/ATM efforts around 2000. Compared to ETOPS that must have been like running through molten tar and there wasn’t so much to show for it at the end. He’s the sort of person who really pushes air transport forward and I wish him well in retirement.

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