Singapore Airlines just about to take the keys of its A380

Today’s the latest of the great A380 extravaganzas in Toulouse – and it’s arguably the one that matters most – the delivery of the first aircraft to Singapore Airlines. I’ve been in Toulouse since yesterday and out here at the site since early this morning. As usual it feels like everyone I’ve ever met is here, this time including a hefty contingent from Asia and Australia courtesy of SIA.Yesterday most of us arrived too early to get into our hotel rooms so everyone wandered off separately into Toulouse on a Sunday. Predictably just about everyone ended up in the Place du Capitol in the centre.

Toulousian restauranteurs doubtless delighted by the expenses-fuelled horde descending on them for lunch. If only anyone could understand them.

Today on Monday we’re all waiting for something to happen. There’s an A380 sitting outside, but it’s not the SIA aircraft which we’ve seen off in the distance, it’s good old F-WWOW again.
Somebody’s been busy with the paintbrush getting British Airways’ logo on the nose. Boy must that look good to the sales team.

Current CEO Tom Enders (who will hopefully be around rather longer than his last four predecessors) is in interview mode…

….and of course chief commercial officer John Leahy is beseiged…

The TV guys are getting set up in the sunrise…

…and an A300-600ST Beluga makes an early morning departure as the great Airbus logistics machine kicks in for the day.

I’ll be spending much of my day in this luxurious facility here. More to come later.

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  1. October 15, 2007 at 4:51 pm #

    Richard Aboulafia still maintains that the Airbus strategy of grabbing market share will have to eventually give way to the reality of making money.

    With a huge bill of over $18bn already, and a similar amount for the A350, will there be any money in the pot for the A32X family?

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