Tony and Julie Elwood – first pax in SIA’s double bed

Congratulations to Tony Elwood. He’s 75, is married to a 51 year-old babe called Julie, divides his time between Australia and British Colombia, and had the sound taste to blow $50,000 on a ticket for the A380′s first revenue flight. (Congratulations to Julie too for that matter.)


As benefits a respectable couple, they kept their clothes on and apparently declined the rose petals. Although they did, rather frivolously I think, sip $1,000-a-bottle red wine, reports Jim Wallace.

More remarkably, Jim also reports that there were empty seats on the flight. The whole question of no-shows has always intrigued me. But buying an auctioned ticket on this particular flight and then realising you’ve got something more important to do…that is a bit odd. I guess yield management on the A380 is going to be a whole art in itself.

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