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“Vibration in number two” on Southwest 438…

An FAA preliminary incident report for 17 November reads as follows: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES FLIGHT 438, A BOEING 737, ON DEPARTURE EXPERIENCED A VIBRATION IN THE NUMBER TWO ENGINE, ENGINE SUSTAINED UNKNOWN DAMAGE, AIRCRAFT RETURNED AND LANDED WITHOUT INCIDENT, DALLAS, TX Suffice it to say that the damage in question is now well and truly ‘known’.

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Disaster at Airbus – even more aircraft sold!

Well, I’ve been on the road for a couple of days so maybe I’m missing something, but I am struggling to understand all the commentary on Airbus’ new China order. Truly we are in the proverbial interesting times when you can sell 160 aircraft, including 50 widebodies, and the general consensus is that you’ve really […]

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Podcast with ATA chief economist on $100 oil

Addison Schonland over at IAG is doing what I think is the best job of anyone on podcasts in air transport. He’s taking the medium seriously and using it to genuinely add something to the debate. I worked together with him to interview John Heimlich, who’s VP and chief economist at the US Air Transport […]

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Easyjet not even pretending security questions matter

A major reason why security fails is when people are instructed to implement procedures that nobody believes matter. Pretty soon after the same people start to doubt that even the bits they thought mattered do in fact matter. And then nobody pays much attention to anything until something bad happens. I suspect Easyjet is doing […]

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With due respect to America, Europe should build Galileo

Yes I realise it’s my tax pounds paying for it, and yes I do trust the USA, but despite all that I still think Europe should build the Galileo satellite navigation system. Plenty of people who know more about the subject than me disagree (and plenty who know less than me disagree as well.) Their […]

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Mike Bair’s speech – Boeing responds to media coverage

Boeing has written to Flight International with its response to the magazine’s comments on former 787 chief Mike Bair’s speech. They’re unhappy with Flight as you can read, and unhappy with the local media for not reporting his comments in full.

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Great fun on Pprune today

For the last couple of years there has been an ill-conceived movement among some members of the Pprune community to close all or part of it to anyone other than professional air transport pilots. (Or something like that.) The former proprietors and, I believe, all or most of the moderators are against the idea – […]

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Curious safety poll from the Air Transport Association

The ATA is running a year-end poll asking what subscribers to its free daily newsletter think is the most important safety issue facing the industry. Quite right too, but it’s a peculiar list of options that it offers. I think you can only see it on the newsletter – you can subscribe here – but […]

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Chapter 11, well OK, but it’s not very dignified is it?

A really thought-provoking piece in the Dallas Morning News about what would have happened if American Airlines hadn’t avoided Chapter 11. This got my attention because I previously wrote respectful things about the airline for dodging the bankruptcy bullet, and now it seems there are plenty of people who think that just shows how unsophisticated […]

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Power politics at the Dubai Airshow

I didn’t get to the Dubai Airshow, but the Flight team has been returning in slightly scorched dribs and drabs over the past couple of days and it seems it was quite something. There is much excitable talk elsewhere (which I’m not sure I buy) about it now being more or less as important as […]

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