Air transport has an image problem – inexplicable really…

At long last (and it took months) the frankly incredible practice of British Airways’ former franchisee British Mediterranean Airways (BMed) flying empty aircraft – so-called ghost flights – out of Heathrow to preserve slots has come to an end. An easy decision for BMed’s new owners BMI. I was going to write a quick post celebrating that but also taking a pop at the array of public and quasi-public sector incompetents who let the situation endure for so long. But then this comes along!There’s more here from that bastion of tree-hugging, leftie journalism the Daily Telegraph. I despair.

I spend quite a bit of time trying to explain some of the industry’s oddities to the mainstream media and often, as those of you in the game know of course, there is method in what might otherwise seem madness.

But I can’t think of any sensible defence of this nonsense. The rules are stupid and their implementation worse. Just fix it.

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