Easyjet not even pretending security questions matter

A major reason why security fails is when people are instructed to implement procedures that nobody believes matter. Pretty soon after the same people start to doubt that even the bits they thought mattered do in fact matter. And then nobody pays much attention to anything until something bad happens.

I suspect Easyjet is doing the world a favour by making it pretty clear that they don’t think the “have you packed this yourself, “has it been out of your sight” malarkey actually means a damn.Here’s how they’re showing what they really think. You can now check in online with Easyjet. There’s a big incentive to do that – you can then skip the epic check-in line and also get to go in boarding group A (rather than B) – which as Easy-veterans know is quite handy. You do have to have hand-baggage only though.

So at the airport there’s no opportunity to ask you those oh-so-crucial baggage questions. Instead, when you check-in online you tick the box next to this statement: If I leave my baggage unattended at any time or if someone gives me something to carry on board the aircraft I will contact a member of check-in staff on arrival at the airport.

Eh? What is the said member of check-in staff supposed to usefully do then? Who knows?


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