Flightblogger and I

Here at Flight we missed Flightblogger over the last couple of months just as many other people did. So we’ve given it a helping hand.I think everyone knows that one Jon Ostrower is the force behind Flightblogger. Just to be clear, Jon’s retaining his independence and we’re just as interested as you are to see what he comes up with each day. We’re doing the things that we usefully can – like getting him to the Dubai Airshow – and letting him do the things that he best can, like running the blog.

There has been some slightly odd speculation as to whether Flightblogger is somehow sanctioned by Boeing. Let me absolutely lay that one to rest. It’s no more blessed by Boeing than Flight itself – and I think both we and Boeing prefer it that way.

Finally, a word of thanks to a couple of individuals out there in the blogosphere who were instrumental in bringing Flightblogger and us together. You know who you are, and I think it’s a good thing you’ve done.

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