Great fun on Pprune today

For the last couple of years there has been an ill-conceived movement among some members of the Pprune community to close all or part of it to anyone other than professional air transport pilots. (Or something like that.) The former proprietors and, I believe, all or most of the moderators are against the idea – but the idea keeps bubbling up again. You really do have to have a deep misunderstanding of Pprune and the web to think it would be a good idea – but there you are. So today the mods are having a bit of fun with a spoof – and it worked beyond their wildest dreams. Sadly Ozgrade 3 is going to take a while to live this down – but he’s actually a bit of a hero for putting his head over the parapet. Guddunya mate!

There’s a serious message there though – the spoof neatly illustrates the futility of the idea. The Pprune community, of which I’m proud to be a part, self-polices itself with great success.

Pprune, it need hardly be said, is an extraordinary phenomenon. I think it’s no exaggeration to to say it’s been one of the most important channels ever for educating the world about the reality of aviation.

Perhaps the single biggest irritant to the group favouring a closed community is speculation about what happened in accidents. As I mentioned in the previous post – there’s a fine tradition of doing precisely that, going back to Wilbur Wright in 1909. Of course he was talking to Flight, there not being a Pprune at the time, for obvious reasons. I do rather think though that Wilbur would have been an avid Ppruner had he had the possibility. The difficulties of sharing knowledge with the rest of the aviation community must have been a major drag on the early development of the industry (for want of a better word). Of course, that’s where we came in.

Incidentally, even as I’ve been writing this, Ozgrade 3 has been joined by OldChinaHand. God bless both of them.

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  1. Danny Fyne November 20, 2007 at 3:20 pm #

    Thanks for the interesting observations. I type this whilst sitting in the lobby of a hotel whilst downroute, having had a good nights sleep, only to wake up this morning to find wealth of responses to what should have been an obvious wind up.
    I am now off to collect the data and offer it to the highest bidder from amongst some sociology Phd students who material for their thesis on “Human Gullibility, Darwinism & the Internet”. A slightly re-written form will be submitted to “Fishermans Gazette”.

    Here endeth the lesson. Never let an idle mind loose on the Internet when stuck down route.

  2. James Bailey June 4, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    Dear Kieran,

    Re your comments on Pprune. By coincidence, I’ve just posted this elsewhere:

    It was very good about 12 -13 years ago when I started reading it. It was open, irreverent, all-encompassing and compelling reading – and at times a force for good in an aviation environment where pilots very often cannot otherwise speak out when bad things happen.

    It is now a small shadow of its former self. The moderators seem now to be ignorant and cowardly autocrats. The range of topics allowed to be raised is tiny.

    I have given up trying to raise issues of genuine concern to pilots.

    What alternative do you recommend?

    Best regards,


    (Kieran: I could have expressed my disappointment with the loss to pilots that the disappearance of the old Pprune represents more strongly. I have certainly heard others put it with more force.)

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