BA’s OpenSkies blog off to a cracking start

Choosing to launch its mainland European subsidiary OpenSkies through the medium of a blog looks to be paying off nicely for British Airways – a day later they’ve got 53 comments! And they’re virtually all positive, some wildly so.Comment number 49 is from one Brian Lusk. Who he, I hear you ask. Well that would be the Brian Lusk who has an impressive sounding title as a member of the Southwest Airlines blog team. They’re the people who really kicked off airline blogging and it’s turned into a great customer contact mechanism for them. What the OpenSkies people need to realise is that the idea is to respond! 53 comments and no reply is not quite the concept I’d suggest.

Meanwhile over at Pprune the reception has been, how can I put it, rather less positive. I have to say that you do have to wonder about pilots sometimes. So this is more jobs, a Brit company giving the mainlanders and the Americans a hard time, and a really smart competitive move by BA in a brutal market. Actually I think that much is obvious to most of BA’s workforce and those talking up prospects of a strike will quieten down pretty sharpish.

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