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Flight has just acquired JP aviation directories

Flight has just announced that we’ve bought JP aviation directories. The flagship product is the annual JP Airline Fleets Directory. A lot of you will know it – it’s a pre-internet doorstop of a book that has thrived post-internet among the huge community of users that need a robust and reliable directory and can’t justify […]

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As KC-X rumbles on, UK signs for A330 tanker as FSTA

It’s not really the same situation, but the UK has today finally signed on the dotted for the EADS-supplied, Airbus A330-based Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft. It’s buying a princely 14 of them from the Airtanker consortium. But the contract is worth £13 billion ($26 billion) because of the way it’s structured.

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Will Sully and Lisa get together? I’m gripped already!

Sulako’s Blog is still my favourite aviation blog. Sort of Ernest K Gann meets GQ Magazine meets Psychologies (which my wife reads, but whose website has infamously collapsed.) And now meets Mills & Boon! So will Sully and Lisa get together? (Well yes, obviously we know the ending.) But will Sully’s full-on pilot’s romancing style […]

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Austrian Airlines’ 50th “independent” anniversary

Congratulations to them, and thanks for the opportunity to run their pix of a Vickers Viscount making the carrier’s first scheduled flight – from Vienna to London – on 31 March 1958; and also of the flight attendants. Austrian Airlines Group CEO Alfred Otsch says in a statement: “With its successful Focus East strategy, uncompromising […]

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Boeing takes KC-X fight to the blogosphere

This is a first, right? Boeing has gone public with a blog spreading the word on the KC-X protest. I don’t recall any company using a blog in the context of a live competitive procurement. (Could be wrong – it’s not really my area.)

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Maturity bringing its own challenges at Emirates

Who was this telling my colleagues at Airline Business less than a year ago that the legacy Gulf carriers wouldn’t be among those developing low-cost carriers in the region? “The low-cost market is almost 100% point to point. We have a network.” And adding that Emirates plans to stick with an all-widebody fleet.Why that would […]

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The law of CSeries’ unintended consequences

I’ve asked before who it is that the Bombardier CSeries competes with. My thesis being that, while nobody yet properly understands the answer, one way or another that aircraft is going to shape what happens in the narrowbody sector big-time. Reason being that those undetermined competitors are going to have to react, and quite possibly […]

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Seems Emirates is first with in-flight mobile phones

Like any journalist worth his salt I’m always leery of using the word ‘first’ – as in the first time for anything to have allegedly happened. But it does rather look as if Emirates has become the first airline in the world to offer in-flight, mobile phone, voice calls. They’re using the service from AeroMobile […]

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Fearsome and expert tiltrotor critic joins Bell Helicopter

Not the most obvious career move, but Nick Lappos is joining Bell Helicopter. If you regularly follow rotary matters I won’t have to explain the remarkable nature of this (and in fact you’ll no doubt be aware of the story already), but if you don’t, here’s a quick rundown.

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BALPA show of (international) strength over OpenSkies

As usual on this sort of thing the numbers are a little fuzzy, but the fact that remains that British Airways pilots put on a pretty impressive demonstration at Heathrow over OpenSkies this weekend. And they really have been pulling in at least some degree of US-based support.

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