BALPA show of (international) strength over OpenSkies

As usual on this sort of thing the numbers are a little fuzzy, but the fact that remains that British Airways pilots put on a pretty impressive demonstration at Heathrow over OpenSkies this weekend. And they really have been pulling in at least some degree of US-based support.

BALPA%20march.jpgApparently the police are reporting 1,100 marchers – seems that quite a lot of those were not actually pilots, but that’s still impressive for a 3,000-strong workforce.

The main Pprune thread on the dispute is here, but in some ways a more interesting one is here. The willingness of non-BA pilots, especially in Oneworld, to take action could be significant in all of this.

Strike links here and more officially here. There are also some more pix of the Heathrow march.

Meanwhile OpenSkies has been releasing more info on the planned product, including conceptual images and descriptions of passenger seats.

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