EADS calls in Brunswick to help its image

They did this just before they won the KC-X deal, but EADS has hired yet another PR firm to help with its image. They do this quite a lot.This time EADS is hiring Brunswick “to aid its global corporate positioning” reports PR Week. (And a bit of London PR micro-tittle-tattle – the London part of the account will be handled by Michael Harrison – until last spring the de facto aerospace correspondent for The Independent.)

I’ve twice been approached in the last few years by agencies working for EADS to get my opinion of them as a business. The first time it was all “if EADS was music, what sort of music would it be?” I said they would be uber-cool jazz. Within a couple of years they were more like the sort of mildly sozzled trad jazz band you see desperately trying to keep the tune roughly together in London pubs.

EADS UK asked similar sorts of questions in its early days too. “If EADS was a manager, what would you think of him and what advice would you give him?” I said I’d regard him as a technocratic suit and advise him to have a drink with the gang more often.

Anyway right now they’re like the Berlin Philharmonic in full swing. Thrilling, majestic, and alarmingly vulnerable to any of the key players dropping the score.


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