Flight has just acquired JP aviation directories

Flight has just announced that we’ve bought JP aviation directories. The flagship product is the annual JP Airline Fleets Directory. A lot of you will know it – it’s a pre-internet doorstop of a book that has thrived post-internet among the huge community of users that need a robust and reliable directory and can’t justify paying for the type of high-end, realtime industry data that we also sell. You see it in control towers all over the place for example. And these days you can also get it electronically with updates.

JP is one of the grand old brands of the aviation information business and it’s a real privilege to be associated with it.

As part of the deal we will also come to own the JP Biz Jet directory and the Buchair (UK) online shop, which is a particularly interesting diversification for us. The full details are a bit more complex – I’ve pasted the announcement below for those of you interested.

What it does for us is fill in another piece of the jigsaw as we seek to provide information solutions for the entire global aerospace community – all the way from the enthusiast to the power-user in industry. And what it does for the JP operation is secure its future in a competitive world.

It also shows that, even though we’re up for sale ourselves as part of Reed Business Information, it really is business as usual.On a personal level it’s an ironic day. As a teenager aviation took up most of my life and I was a classic west London spotter, haunting Heathrow, Northolt and all the other usual suspects. Like just about everybody else I was the proud owner of Civil Aircraft Markings, which is also still around. It cost less than a pound – but what we aspired to was JP, which I couldn’t afford. Perhaps now I can cadge a freebie out of my new JP colleague Ron Harman who’s settling in at a desk close by.

Here he is (left) signing his life away with Flight’s managing director Jim Muttram (right).


And here’s that announcement:

Press Release
Friday 28th March 2008

Flight acquires JP aviation directories

The JP Airline-Fleets directory, one of the best known brands in the aviation world, has been acquired by Reed Business Information UK (RBI UK) to add to its Flight portfolio.

On 19th March, RBI UK completed two simultaneous acquisitions in Switzerland and the UK. It acquired both the annual JP Airline-Fleets directory from Bucher & Co, a partnership in Switzerland, and also the affiliated Buchair UK Ltd business, which is the largest country distributor for the directories and has built an international premium data business based around the JP directory.

The acquisition opens access to a new stream of premium customers for Flight and also provides the JP products with the backing of the aerospace industry’s leading provider of online news and data.

RBI UK will now bring both the Swiss and UK businesses together under the same roof, to sit within its Flight portfolio alongside leading the ACAS fleet database and Air Transport Intelligence (ATI) online premium news and data service. The new JP business will be headed by Ron Harman, founder of Buchair UK, who comes over with the acquisition as JP Business Manager.

“After 41 years of producing the JP, we wanted to make sure that the title would continue to be produced for many years to come,” said Frank E Bucher, founding managing director of Bucher & Co. “Flight, with its skilled researchers, international marketing network and longstanding position in e-media was selected as our partner of choice. It is well known as the publisher of Flight International, the premier weekly aerospace magazine, which also helped to give it the edge over competitors in closing the deal.”

Flight premium publisher Tim Fuller said: “We saw Flight as an excellent home for JP, not simply because of our heritage and reputation, but because of the doors that we open for each other: Flight gains access to an expanded audience of aviation operators and enthusiasts all over the world, while JP is plugged into aviation’s leading online publishing network.”

For further information please contact: Tim Fuller, tel: +44 1788 564800, email tim.fuller@flightglobal.com

Notes to Editors
Reed Business Information UK Ltd (RBI UK) is a division of Reed Business and a member of Reed Elsevier plc. Reed Business Information UK brings over 100 market leading brands such as Flight International, New Scientist, Computer Weekly, Estates Gazette, Farmers Weekly, ICIS, Kellysearch and Totaljobs.com to an audience of 30 million decision makers worldwide through its multi-platform media of web products, magazines, exhibitions, conferences and industry awards.

For a full listing of the RBI UK portfolio visit www.reedbusiness.co.uk

Flight is the aviation industry’s longest established name in aviation publishing, tracing its heritage back a century to the start of 1909, when it launched the world’s first weekly aerospace magazine. Today it is the industry’s leading source of online news and data through the www.flightglobal.com web portal and Air Transport Intelligence (ATI) premium service, which sits alongside the ACAS fleet database.

JP Airline-Fleets is published by Bucher & Co Publikationen in Switzerland, led by founder Frank E Bucher and his two partners Ulrich Klee and Ernst Sommer. The first edition was published in 1966 as an A5 yearbook with 222 pages, but has grown to become last year an A4 directory totalling some 758 pages.

Bucher & Co will continue to sell the JP products at its two aviation retail shops, which it operates close to Zurich Airport in Glattbrugg, Switzerland, as well as leading sales in neighbouring Germany and Austria.

Buchair UK Ltd is the UK country distributor for the JP Airline-Fleets directory and its own JP Biz Jet A5 directory, including through its online shop at www.buchairshop.co.uk

Buchair UK takes a monthly feed of updated JP fleet data and, together with other sources, provides a data feed to a range of international customers in air transport operations and services.


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  1. Kieran O'Carroll March 28, 2008 at 6:44 pm #

    Well done to all concerned. A good example of mutually beneficial consolidation. Slainte!

  2. Kieran Daly April 2, 2008 at 2:24 pm #

    Thanks Kieran

    (Still waiting for my copy of JP!)

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