KC-X: tide turning against Boeing even in America

Boeing is due to be debriefed today on the outcome of the KC-X contest. But from 3,000 miles away it’s noticeable how the PR war is slipping away from it day by day.

Time magazine says “Air Force snub good for Boeing”. A Washington Post op-ed buy Steve Pearlstein claims a lot of people have had enough of Boeing throwing its weight around. The New York Times (yes I know, what is it with these liberals) recommends the nation should simply “Buy the best tanker“. And Business Week points out some of the more obvious holes in Boeing’s case.

Meanwhile in Europe, doyenne of Airbus watchers Andrea Rothman of Bloomberg points out that EADS would put all the jobs it could in the US – purely to mitigate the dollar crisis that is squeezing the life out of it.

And here’s a source I thoroughly recommend you read. This is Scott Hamilton talking about the plausibility of the competing ‘American jobs’ arguments. It makes a lot of sense to me.

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