More on USAF KC-X tanker contest

Scott Hamilton at Leeham has followed the KC-X about as closely as anyone in the commercial aviation world and his background with big airplanes means he has talked more sense than a lot of the military experts. He’s used the contract award to launch his new website as a WordPress blog – much more elegant – and has lots of analysis on the KC-X. In particular he points out the relatively small direct financial value of the gain to EADS (or loss to Boeing, depending on how you look at it.)

Scott argued at length and in detail that the Northrop Grumman offering was the best deal. I bet he’s kicking himself for not going the whole hog and predicting that it would win. He’d look nearly as smart as the Malaysia Sun.

Scott highlights this Business Week article from yesterday which raises the same sort of questions that I have done as to the wisdom of Boeing protesting.

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