Unusual Attitude: how’s that sale going?

You’ll remember that we’re for sale, as part of Reed Business Information, by our parent Reed Elsevier. (Strictly speaking not ‘for sale’ actually – but to be ‘divested’ one way or another. Rightly or wrongly, just about everyone here thinks ‘sale’ is the operative word.)

A surprising number of you visited Unusual Attitude when I mentioned this, and I feel I owe you some continunig coverage. So, I hear you say, you must know what’s going on.

Well, actually not (though as a self-interested betting man I naturally have my own view.) And if I did it’s highly unlikely that I could share it with you. However, if you’re interested then you might like to follow this blog that’s been set up by a colleague sufficiently distant that I don’t actually know him or even his name! He’s doing a nice job anyway.


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