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Two pilots back British Airways after racism allegation

A serving, Asian, British Airways captain and a one-time BA captain have written to the The Independent following its front-page story at the weekend alleging racism on the flight-deck. full text below also.

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Emirates blasts through $1 billion profit

Rumours have been around for a few weeks that Emirates would crack the $1 billion profit mark this year – not so difficult given the dollar’s decline, but in fact the figure announced this morning is $1.45 billion net.

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New capital finally gets Silverjet stock moving

Even the demise of both its head-to-head competitors failed to shift the ailing shares of UK-US all-premium carrier Silverjet – but this morning it announced a MoU with an unidentified UAE investor and at time of writing the stock is 19% up on the day. If confirmed, the deal will provide about $8 million in […]

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Silverjet is last man standing in US-UK all-premium war

The collapse of Eos, which followed Maxjet’s earlier demise, has left Silverjet as the sole survivor of the trio that have battled to secure a viable business model in the elusive all-premium US-UK market. And the two big questions now are: who will end up owning Silverjet and can they make it work?

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Aviation & Environment Summit

The reason I’ve had a couple of weeks of blogging silence here is partly that I was on vacation but also because I then attended the third Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva. I blogged from there on our Aviation and the Environment blog, which you may care to take a look at.

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British Airways’ tough weekend in the UK newspapers

Coincidentally it would seem, British Airways found itself front page news – not in a good way – on both Saturday and Sunday this last weekend. Quite odd stories in both cases. On Saturday the ever-so-serious Independent reported the allegations of 777 captain Doug Maughan claiming that casual racism is rife at the airline, mainly […]

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British Airways pilots kick Willie while he’s down

Interesting days for students of airline labour relations. BALPA is taking the opportunity to kick Willie Walsh while he’s down. The timing of this video of their march at Heathrow a few weeks back is probably coincidental, but the issuance of this open letter to financial institutions is most certainly not.

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We’re still podcasting

I joined colleague David Field of Airline Business magazine again for another podcast hosted by Addison Schonland of IAG. We talked about Aloha, Alitalia, T5, and US groundings among other things. Take a listen – and try some of the other pods that Addison has done.

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Ladies & gentlemen please, please, fasten your seatbelts

Like everyone else who has anything to do with aviation I get asked: so what’s your hot safety tip? People generally seem to want to know should you sit towards the rear, over the wing, near the exits – and so on. I tell them I have one tip above all else: stay strapped in.

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ATA goes Chapter 11; Transport Workers go into denial

ATA Airlines has gone into Chapter 11 overnight – the US charter specialist is citing the unexpected loss of a large military contract and general trading conditions including the “tremendous spike” in the price of fuel. Its 29 aircraft are on the ground; 2,300 staff are out of work; and 10,000 passengers a day are […]

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