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British Airways pilots drop court fight against OpenSkies

Well it looks as if I was right to say that British Airways pilots wouldn’t strike over OpenSkies, but I was wrong about the reason. In fact it seems we will never know whether the envisaged strike would have taken place or not. This afternoon it’s reported that BALPA has withdrawn its court action. No […]

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BA’s OpenSkies stops being a blog, becomes an airline

British Airways’ OpenSkies subsidiary is taking bookings for flights starting 19 June. So it’s not just a blog anymore, it’s more or less an airline.

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Sukhoi Superjet 100_first flight.JPG

Sukhoi Superjet 100 flies

Sukhoi flew the Superjet 100 yesterday. Sales still slow, but at least it’s in the air. China and Japan not so far behind however. Despite the best efforts of Alenia and Snecma this programme is not progressing to market as quickly as it needs to. Looks nice though. Text of the press release below.

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Sully and Lisa – the hottest thing to come out of Canada?

Fans of aviation’s hottest soap opera – Sully and Lisa – will recall we left our hero finely balanced between the prospect of outrageous success and miserable failure. In part two Sully plays the pilot’s trump card – an actual aeroplane (something like this but probably not as nice) – but Lisa lives round aeroplanes, will […]

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Ah, the pleasures of vintage aircraft…

Always a delight to get a ride in a genuine vintageaeroplane. The smell richly redolent of aviation from an earlier era, theupholstery shabby in a faintly distinguished sort of way, and the seatingquaintly intimate. Yes, we’re in a British Airways Boeing 737 Classic ofcourse, enjoying an experience now largely denied to most Europeans….

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British Airways 777 crash – not an easy investigation

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has issued its third update on the British Airways Boeing 777 accident at Heathrow on 17 January – and it’s making it pretty clear that it’s going to be a long, detailed investigation. No surprise to be honest.

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The pelican and the Bombardier CRJ – is this real?

This time I can’t decide – anyone shed any light???

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Apologies for the delay – the pilots are swapping uniforms

Forget about tedious stuff like the incoming aircraft being delayed (about six sectors earlier), wrong kind of clouds (black), too many bits fell off during last sector (any.) At London Luton Airport there is irritation with one carrier whose pilots have been holding things up while they swap uniforms – with each other I mean. […]

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Skybrary – the safety wiki from Eurocontrol

So, I hear you say, wouldn’t it be neat if there was one place with all the world’s safety wisdom gathered on it, and where sensible people like you could go and add your bit, and there was all sorts of stuff explaining operational concepts that you one day meant to go and understand properly. […]

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Silverjet gets its cash from Viceroy Holdings

Silverjet has now got its hands on the initial investment it said last week it had secured. This is £8.4 million from a company that turns out to be Viceroy Holdings LLC, which is affiliated with Viceroy Fund. Viceroy’s website might best be described as discreet.

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