BA’s OpenSkies stops being a blog, becomes an airline

British Airways’ OpenSkies subsidiary is taking bookings for flights starting 19 June. So it’s not just a blog anymore, it’s more or less an airline.

Only has one aircraft, and possibly the simplest route mapin the world, but it’s got a “Green Policy” – which is pretty much themost important accoutrement of any airline these days. (The mainfeature of the said policy is that the airline’s 757s will havewinglets – which is just as well in order to, well you know, get to where you’re going!) Sorry, that’s a bit cruel, there’s also BA’s carbon offset scheme.

Nice way to fly? Well, could be. There’s Biz, Prem+ and Economy, andthey do look rather nice. Prem+ in particular does seem prettycompelling. Pricing being everything of course.

Ah yes, pricing. On the site there’s an attractive “special offer” for US travellers – Paris $720 one-way in Prem+. If you hit the “Francais” button on the same page however, you get a less “special offer” of New York return in Prem+ for €1,159. How much?! Nom d’un chien! (Nobody in France ever says that outside of Biggles books right?) But in fairness, even with that pretty hefty premium for the privilege of living in France, it’s still not bad.

So, all that’s needed now is some pilots and flight attendants. And for this ongoing court case to end. Here’s what it’s about.

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