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Doing the right thing – the pilot and the referee

An Unusual Attitude salute for an unnamed (I think) United Airlines captain, and international soccer referee Lubos Michel who both made difficult calls in public over the weekend.

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Southwest Airlines doing a green thing that matters

Regular readers will know it’s an article of faith for me that improved air traffic management is the only way that aviation is going to improve its environmental act to any meaningful extent in the near future. Part of that needs to be the widespread adoption of what’s called required navigation performance (RNP) techniques. And […]

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Suddenly China wobbles as well (but only for a moment)

Here at Flight I’ve been managing the launch of a website in Chinese aimed at China’s air transport business. We publish about 10 stories a day and it’s been impossible to ignore the fact that all of a sudden some of them have contained some startling statistics for the month of May. First there were […]

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Oddball routes no. 1: Dusseldorf-Newquay by Lufthansa

Here’s the first of what may become an occasional series on Unusual Attitude (you never know with us bloggers…). Feel free to contribute more. The reason I had my dalliance with the regional business recently and flew Exeter-Brussels was because I couldn’t fly from Newquay, a couple of miles from where I was staying, to […]

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Efficient taxying – New York shows how it’s not done

By a weird but genuine coincidence, a day after posting my observations on taxying times I was sent the latest US Bureau of Transportation Statistics on…aircraft taxying times. I didn’t even know they collected the data. The special report is eccentrically titled “Sitting on the Runway: Current Aircraft Taxi Times Now Exceed Pre-9/11 Experience“ – […]

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Efficient taxying – Exeter Airport and Flybe show how it’s done

Fact is, the aviation world doesn’t have much in the way of ideas for becoming greener anytime soon. The only serious programme on the horizon is improved air traffic management – worth perhaps a valuable 12% in emissions but reliant on national authorities. Don’t hold your breath. But I think there is something that is […]

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FAA issues emergency AD on Eclipse 500 throttle

Following the Eclipse 500 VLJ incident reported earlier, the FAA has overnight issued an emergency AD on the type. It’s a real ‘emergency’ emergency AD. You can’t fly the aeroplane again until you’ve done the checks and made the amendments – and of course depending on what you find in the checks you may have […]

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The Royal Air Force in pictures (most of it anyway)

Cruel, but you know what I mean. Great pix by Ppruner sunshine band of the RAF practising for tomorrow’s Queen’s birthday flypast of 49 aircraft over London. More pix here. Details of flypast here.  Bit like the good old days at 43 Sqn. Hawker Furys courtesy of Flight.

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Nasty Eclipse 500 problem and some outstanding aviating

Details have emerged, (as we journalists say about things that we didn’t know about at the time) of a dire incident on the VLJ that everyone is watching – the Eclipse 500. (Not the one in this pic.) It’s got the NTSB understandably spooked as you can read at the link below. Fortunately some highly professional […]

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All you McDonnell Douglas Corporation Model DC3 operators out there, listen up

Don’t blame me – if the FAA says it’s a MacDac then a MacDac it is. Anyway, David YJ Hsu in the Los Angeles Aircraft Certification Office, whose happy job it is to keep a caring eye on the nation’s Daks, wants you to know that the tailwheel may fall off. He just wants you to […]

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