Nasty Eclipse 500 problem and some outstanding aviating

Details have emerged, (as we journalists say about things that we didn’t know about at the time) of a dire incident on the VLJ that everyone is watching – the Eclipse 500. (Not the one in this pic.)

Eclipse 500.gif

Eclipse 500.gif
Eclipse 500.jpg

It’s got the NTSB understandably spooked as you can read at the link below.

Fortunately some highly professional piloting saved the occupants and aircraft.

Here’s the scenario: double engine control failure during a windshear influenced final approach. FADEC reverts to last recorded power setting, which unfortunately is full power on both engines. Quite handy for the subsequent go-around, not so great for the desired landing. And then things get worse…

There is of course a major issue over the experience levels of at least some of the owner-pilots likely to end up flying this and other VLJs. The debate, I think it is fair to say, is likely to continue. 

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  1. Mutuelle santé September 22, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    The control and verification should be done thouroughly and more accurately. Though it is not a big airplane , It make many lives in danger.

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