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767-300 winglets.jpg

The Boeing 767-300 – just made for winglets

Sometimes winglets look right and sometimes they don’t. On the 767-300, it turns out, they look just about perfect. Great pix here courtesy of my colleague Jon Ostrower and Aviation Partners Boeing. If only they made sense on the -200 – could’ve so lved all Boeing’s problems.

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How much does Boeing think oil will cost in future?

Well, depends which question they’re trying to answer. If they’re trying to work out how many airliners they’re going to sell in future then it’s one number, if they’re trying to persuade the USAF to buy their tanker as the KC-X then it’s a vastly different number. Specifically, it’s $70-80 a barrel in the first […]

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Vulcan Farnborough.JPG

The Avro Vulcan: an apology

When I wrote on 18 August 2006 that “I’ve got my own doubts about how much money can be justified to keep large jets flying” I may have inadvertently given the impression that I had doubts about how much money could be justified to keep large jets flying. Having spent a gloriously unproductive ten minutes […]

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Alain Flourens.jpg

New chief for Airbus A380 programme: Alain Flourens

Mario Heinen is moving inside Airbus and his job as head of the A380 programme is being taken by Alain Flourens (left). He’s been running the narrowbody programme for the last couple of years, but was president of Airbus Military in its earlier days. Heinen will now head the transnational cabin and fuselage centre of […]

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The Boeing Current Market Outlook 2008 is out

Boeing VP marketing Randy Tinseth is in London today where he personally presented the company’s 2008 Current Market Outlook (CMO) for the next 20 years. This is aerospace we’re talking about – the numbers are bemusingly huge and they make the industry’s traumas look like a minor hiccup in the long run. If you believe […]

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