New chief for Airbus A380 programme: Alain Flourens

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Mario Heinen is moving inside Airbus and his job as head of the A380 programme is being taken by Alain Flourens (left). He’s been running the narrowbody programme for the last couple of years, but was president of Airbus Military in its earlier days. Heinen will now head the transnational cabin and fuselage centre of excellence, replacing Rudiger Fuchs who is leaving the company for reasons I know not. Flourens is replaced by one Daniel Baubil, a procurement expert. Full announcement below.

MarioHeinen (52) has been appointed Executive Vice President, Head of thetrans-national Centre of Excellence (COE) Fuselage and Cabin with immediateeffect. This follows the departure of Rüdiger Fuchs who wishes to pursue otheropportunities outside of Airbus. With his wide ranging industrial experience,especially in successfully managing the A380 programme in the course of thepast two years, and previously the Airbus Delivery Centre and the A320 Familyprogramme, Mr Heinen has all the right competences and expertise tosuccessfully lead this very important COE, which not only encompasses allAirbus civil aircraft programmes, but also the A400M and MRTTs. Furthermore,his intimate knowledge of the A380 will be a great asset to secure fullindustrialisation of this programme. Mr Heinen had joined Airbus in 1999,coming from Lufthansa Technik, where he served as General Manager AircraftMaintenance

The newHead of the A380 programme is Alain Flourens (51) who was Executive VicePresident in charge of the A320 Family Programme since September 2006. Prior tothis, Mr Flourens had been in charge of the previous six COEs across all Airbussites in Europe. From 1997, he was in charge of the Future Large Aircraft (FLA)to become A400M, being appointed President of Airbus Military in 1999. AlainFlourens had joined former Aérospatiale in 1990 and made all his career withinthe company in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

DanielBaubil (52) replaces Alain Flourens as Executive Vice President, Head of theA320 Family Programme. From April 2007, Mr Baubil was Executive Vice President,Deputy Head of Procurement of Airbus, having spent most of his career in theProcurement, Industrial and Commercial sectors of Aerospatiale, and then EADSand Airbus. His experience in these various areas of activities and especiallyin managing the supply chain, will be a very valuable in the current very steepramp up of the A320 Family programme. 

MarioHeinen will report to Executive Vice President Operations Gerald Weber, andAlain Flourens and Daniel Baubil will report to Executive Vice PresidentProgrammes Tom Williams.

“I want tothank Rüdiger Fuchs for all his efforts and commitments to Airbus in the pastyears and wish him best success for his future activities”, said AirbusPresident and Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders on the occasion of theappointments. “I am convinced that the newly appointed executives have theright back-ground and skills to be successful in their new roles. They have myfull support as well as that of the Airbus top crew”.

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