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Zoom Airlines – unsurprisingly gone, but lamented…

…well, fairly lamented. I had a sorta-kinda good experience with Zoom and I knew deep down the whole thing was too good to be true. Anyway, the show’s over. Zoom are blaming fuel costs and the US economy – but I’m sceptical as to whether they’d have made it long-term anyway.

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Aeroflot A320.jpg

That Aeroflot PR campaign wobbles into action

Coincidentally the day after I mentioned Aeroflot’s new European PR campaign I was on the receiving end of its opening burst. As you can see below, Ogilvy PR think I am so important that they sent me a copy of the press release that they had already exclusively offered to the travel editor of The […]

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Aeroflot cabin.jpg

Aeroflot calls in Ogilvy PR just as Russia goes to war

Pity Katharina Winkler of Ogilvy PR in London (that’s not her pictured left BTW). August gets off to a nice bright start for her as she gets the Aeroflot pan-European account at a time when the airline actually has some good stuff to talk about. Shiny new fleet with more to come, strong growth, reasonably serious […]

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Jazz CRJ200.jpg

Air safety, public relations, Ryanair and Air Canada Jazz

After a few quiet months air safety is suddenly smack-bang back on the news agenda. The Spanair crash in Madrid and the 737 loss in Kyrgyzstan over the weekend have seen that. And so it’s hard luck on Ryanair to have a depressurisation a couple of days later, and make-your-own-luck for Air Canada Jazz for […]

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P-3 pic 3.JPG

Spinning the Lockheed P-3C Orion

Every once in a while things happen in aircraft that you simply couldn’t make up. This email, currently doing the rounds, appears to be authentic and the pix below back it up. Pilots may feel that there is a certain step in the sequence of events which may have been, how can I put this, […]

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Miles Mohawk.jpg

Lindbergh’s aircraft on display in London (no, not that one…)

Way back in 1936 Flight carried a story titled Lindbergh buys British. Sub-titled: His new Miles Mohawk described: a high-performance “custom-built” tourer. Complete with evocative pic of Col Lindbergh running an eye over his new purchase. He finally took delivery the next year and, as you do, flew to India with his wife in it, […]

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FAT Boeing 757.jpg

If you do nothing else as a passenger, fasten your seatbelt

I’ve banged on about this before, but a new accident report from Taiwan rams the point home for anyone who wasn’t paying attention. If you only do one thing to keep yourself safe as an airliner passenger, just make sure it’s fastening your seatbelt.This particular accident wasn’t caused by turbulence, it was due to a […]

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Oneworld fins.JPG

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia take battle for anti-trust immunity to the web

So BA, American and Iberia have finally bitten the bullet and are are asking for anti-trust immunity for their alliance – with Finnair and Royal Jordanian thrown in for good measure. This one will run and run, but an interesting development on day one is that they are banking on public support through a new […]

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Ryanair at Pula.jpg

Ryanair slotting in between the Migs at Pula

I’ve been on holiday, so this is just an aviation travelogue (avialogue?), but it’s a bit offbeat, so here goes. We were in Croatia, one of the places in Europe where I still get a passport stamp, though when the Croatians negotiate their way into the EU I won’t anymore. We flew into Pula Airport […]

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