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Betting on companies’ financial futures should be outlawed

Not totally of course – I’m not advocating the repeal of capitalism. But the sort of thing that has infuriated Tom Dalrymple, the chairman of Scottish airline flyglobespan, should be. What he’s complaining about is bookmakers offering odds on a company’s collapse.

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Gulf states should look to Europe for air traffic management lessons

The launch of The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi earlier in the year has markedly upped the standard of reporting in the Gulf region. Today there’s a good story about the future of air traffic management in a part of the world destined for extraordinary traffic growth. If you’re an airline it’s a worrying one.

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It’s Nancy-Bird Walton – she likes it that way. Hmmm….

Let’s take a look at that pic in the post below of Qantas’ new A380 named after the great Australian aviatrix Nancy Bird-Walton. So just how do you spell it. The Qantas/Airbus way? Or the way that 6,000 Google results would suggest?I mean, this is a $200 million aircraft being flown by the lady’s flag-carrier. […]

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Qantas takes delivery of first A380, but first of how many?

In Toulouse today to see Qantas take delivery of its first A380. Technically that doesn’t happen until tonight’s moonlit ceremony (they hope) which fits in well with the assorted Australians’ plans for getting back to their far-flung land. Far-flung from France anyway. But there’s a big lead-up programme. Meanwhile it’s pretty grey here, but there […]

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British Airways Boeing 777 crash: FAA airworthiness directive

Took a little longer than expected, but the FAA has finally come out with the airworthiness directive following the AAIB investigators’ of the BA 777 crash at Heathrow. As far as I can see it follows the Boeing guidance which is already out.The one extra bit is that it officially confirms that the FAA doesn’t […]

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British Airways 777 crash – Boeing’s recommendations

I had a chance to talk to Boeing about what they’re now recommendingand why. Although Boeing are not saying so I understand that thevarious manufacturers suspect that the risk only applies toTrent-powered aircraft due to the design of the fuel/oil heating systemwhich Pratt and GE don’t have. Boeing are investigatingwhether other Rolls-Royce-powered current and legacy […]

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Gordon Brown – responsible for many things, but not crashing airliners

Tucked away in today’s interim report by the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch on the BA Boeing 777 crash is the fact that Britain’s beleaguered prime minister Gordon Brown was not responsible for making it happen.I mention this because it is contrary to what you will read suggested in quite a few places on the […]

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British Airways Boeing 777 crash – live and learn

As happens once in a while, the investigators of the crash of BA038 at Heathrow back in January are rather coming to the conclusion that, despite the millions of comparable flights the industry has made, we don’t know as much about a basic element of long-haul flight as we thought we did. The element in […]

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A fairy tale for noisy kids in the aircraft cabin

Irritated by the squirming, screeching brat in seat 22C? The FAA has just the thing for you. A scary story for restless babes. It’s discreetly hidden in Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin NM–08-43 and it goes like this.

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Five reasons why The End of Aviation is not nigh

The New Republic magazine in the US has a thought-provoking article running entitled The End of Aviation. It’s subtitled What will happen when America can’t afford to fly? It’s about America obviously, but most of the arguments are applicable elsewhere. A couple of years ago I would have considered them plausible, but now I’m more […]

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