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Oddball routes no. 4: Aberdeen – Stavanger/Bergen by Wideroe

Linking three of the North Sea’s great oil towns in Scotland and Norway this is a pretty standard solid regional route, albeit one powered by a niche demand. But the interesting thing is what’s happening to the equipment that SAS subsidiary Wideroe uses on the route – and in particular how they’re marketing it.

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Shock: Ryanair hardly criticised at all on TV programme

I’ve just taken part in a BBC Watchdog discussion of the airline industry from the passenger’s viewpoint which was aired last night and is on the web today. It’s attracted 47 comments and the thing I’m struck by is that hardly any of them mention Ryanair. In fact it’s mostly the mainline carriers that come […]

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Lightning wreck.jpg

I know it’s just a machine, but all the same…

Here’s a pretty painful sight for fellow Lightning afficianados. Feeling sorry for a hunk of metal is not something that lends itself to rational explanation. But I bet I’m not the only one who would like to see these remains speedily melted down, or whatever it is that scrap merchants do. Pic: Jon Pumpkin   […]

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Southwest 737 thumb.jpg

Even at Southwest Airlines a loss is still a loss

And so it has come to this: the first quarterly loss at Southwest for 17 years. It’s that famed fuel-hedging programme they have and that everyone envies that has now caused the problem. Without the $247 million loss from that they’d be trading comfortably in the black.

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EC135 crash.JPG

Educational report on Swedish police helicopter fatal crash

Swedish accident reports – produced by the Statens Haverikommissionen as you will all know – make unusually educational reading. For whatever reason the agency is notably inclined to explore what investigators call the institutional factors in accidents. They don’t in any sense go easy on the individuals on the day who they think underperform. But they […]

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Cape Air Cessna 402.jpg

Oddball routes no.2: Boston – Rutland, Vt by Cape Air

Nothing all that odd about this route, which is a subsidised US Essential Air Service (EAS) link now flown by Cape Air joining the city of Boston with what looks like the rather attractive Rutland. What’s interesting about it is what has happened on it since Cape Air, with its Cessna 402B fleet, took it over […]

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Dambusters re-make: they’re going to call the dog what?!

From deep in English bomber country comes confirmation of my prediction that the re-makers of The Dambusters movie have duly got round the issue of Guy Gibson’s dog’s name. Which is Nigger. Courtesy of the Standard series of newspapers in Lincolnshire – then home of the RAF’s 617 Squadron - we learn that the name has […]

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Iceland prime minister: Russians can’t have Keflavik

A fantastic story if true – but of course it’s not. Russia is not going to be allowed to take over the former US base of Keflavik in ever-so-slightly strategically important Iceland. The possibility arose because what quite probably will happen is that Russia will bail out the Icelandic economy, which has suffered a little […]

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Qantas A330 upset caused by inertial reference system fault

Australian investigators have come out with their initial findings on the in-flight upset of the Qantas A330 last week. The cause is so far narrowed down to a fault in inertial reference system in the number one air data inertial reference unit (ADIRU) which had predictably nasty results. Turbulence had nothing to do with it. […]

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Ilyushin Il-18 high-speed rejected take-off at Cabinda

Russian quad-prop, taking off in Angola, ends up on LiveLeak. You can guess how horrible this is going to be – but actually on this occasion everyone gets to walk away.Details: definitely an Il-18, reportedly at Cabinda, which apparently has an 8,200ft runway, is more or less at sea level and has temps in the […]

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