Airbus comrades and Boeing brothers unite on video

Striking Airbus workers.JPG

The Boeing machinists’ strike has, for obvious reasons, been well publicised worldwide – but more sporadic action by Airbus workers in the last few weeks has not had the same coverage. However, fact is that for a while various bits of both companies were at a standstill.

All of which has produced some strange bedfellows, as captured in this video and this one. They’ve been getting a great reception at this Boeing union site. One of my countrymen – a certain Mick Flynn – seems to be behind it all, to nobody’s surprise as he’s basically combining the twin Irish characteristics of being disproportionately important in global aviation and causing trouble.

Sending messages of solidarity is the easy bit of trade-unionship of course. It’s a lot harder to think of examples of genuine international labour action in aviation or aerospace. And I doubt that the machinists of Washington state have much ideologically in common with the leftists of the French union movement. But as outsourcing grows, perhaps we’re seeing the tiny beginnings of something more substantial.

Observers of this stuff may like to keep an eye on the pilots’ unions at Iberia and British Airways as that merger progresses. Many meetings and few public comments so far.

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