Dambusters re-make: they’re going to call the dog what?!


From deep in English bomber country comes confirmation of my prediction that the re-makers of The Dambusters movie have duly got round the issue of Guy Gibson’s dog’s name. Which is Nigger.

Courtesy of the Standard series of newspapers in Lincolnshire - then home of the RAF’s 617 Squadron - we learn that the name has been dropped. It’s been replaced, obviously, with Nidge.

Nidge? Has a dog ever been called Nidge? Has in fact anything ever been called Nidge? Oddly enough, the first Google result for Nidge suggests that it has some smutty use that I’ve never heard of – but our company internet policy won’t let me see the site in question, so I don’t know what that is. However, presumably there is a fair chance that the people who do know what it is will duly be offended in some other way.

Over on Pprune the debate is underway, with some slaughtering political correctness and some saying they’ve got no problem with it. Richard Todd, the actor who played Gibson in the original movie is mightily unamused.

As for me – robustly minded individual that I am, I’m rather inclined not to use the real name, given its immense offensiveness to millions of people who would doubtless be as admiring of the Dambusters crews as anyone else. I mean, we all know what it was called.

But Nidge!

The movie’s scripted by the achingly witty English comic writer Stephen Fry, star of Blackadder among many other things, and my feeling is that Nidge could only have come from his pen.


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One Response to Dambusters re-make: they’re going to call the dog what?!

  1. quintus arrius December 29, 2008 at 10:06 pm #

    Not only is the change of name a stupid genuflection towards pc, it ignores the fact that Nigger was the codename to be used in the event of the Mhone dam being breached. How dare anyone simply change an historical fact to satisfy current day sensitivities!

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