Iceland prime minister: Russians can’t have Keflavik

A fantastic story if true – but of course it’s not. Russia is not going to be allowed to take over the former US base of Keflavik in ever-so-slightly strategically important Iceland. The possibility arose because what quite probably will happen is that Russia will bail out the Icelandic economy, which has suffered a little local difficulty.

So on Channel 4 News here in the UK last night, anchor John Snow got the chance to ask Icelandic prime minister Geir Haarde if the Keflavik rumour was true. No, says he 3min 30s into the video below.

As the Icelanders are now using Keflavik for other things I guess they must have found a solution to the very irritating problem they were left when the 5,000 Americans pulled out – which was that the entire place was wired for 110v. Quite irritating in a 220v country.

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