Ilyushin Il-18 high-speed rejected take-off at Cabinda

Russian quad-prop, taking off in Angola, ends up on LiveLeak. You can guess how horrible this is going to be – but actually on this occasion everyone gets to walk away.

Details: definitely an Il-18, reportedly at Cabinda, which apparently has an 8,200ft runway, is more or less at sea level and has temps in the 20-30deg C (68-86deg F) range. Shouldn’t be too problematic – although once you decide to take-off downwind of course you are eating into your margins. Not absolutely clear what went wrong though.

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  1. Mexicano June 12, 2010 at 12:53 am #

    !!!!No good!!!!, once in high speed, wen you have a problem in the tires, RTO recommend
    !!!go!!! rather than rejet, once in the air ,with landing gear down, back to the airport, check the lists, burn or drop fuel, then the pilots will be
    better prepared to land, with less weight, so, less speed, and better mental preparation, including airport services.

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