Shock: Ryanair hardly criticised at all on TV programme


I’ve just taken part in a BBC Watchdog discussion of the airline industry from the passenger’s viewpoint which was aired last night and is on the web today. It’s attracted 47 comments and the thing I’m struck by is that hardly any of them mention Ryanair. In fact it’s mostly the mainline carriers that come in for a kicking. And the programme itself didn’t get bogged down in Ryanair either.

One of the points I made in the recording (not used in the end), was that Ryanair set itself the challenge from day one of re-educating the public’s expectations of what was possible for the industry to reliably deliver. Everyone’s doing the same thing I think, but for Ryanair the tactic was absolutely fundamental to its business case. I think that’s a good thing but, as I’ve said before, I think they’ve gone about it in an absurdly obnoxious way.

But what’s interesting about the experience of this Watchdog episode is that there is a hint of a suggestion that Ryanair may be winning its war.

Watchdog has an excerpt from the programme here. I’m at 4min 22s if you care.

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