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A380 in AF hangar thumb.JPG

First picture of A380 in Air France hangar

An A380 visited Air France at the weekend for the first time to try out the airline’s new hangar in Paris. That’s the good news.

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Video: Spanair, MD-80 and slats (a month earlier)

So what we seem to have here is a Spanair MD-83 lining up on the runway at Glasgow a bit more than a month before another one crashed fatally at Madrid. The interesting thing is the point at which the crew gets round to deploying the slats.   Demand Media Video — powered by

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Virgin Atlantic service to Wilmington, North Carolina

It’s always the little stuff that gets you. Many years ago Virgin Atlantic took the major step of putting on-board medical datalinks on its long-haul fleet after an A340 had to divert to, I think, Gander when a passenger seemed to have heart trouble. Turned out to be angina. On the ground the aircraft got […]

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United 747-400 N196UA.jpg

United captain’s painful account of parking a 747-400 for good

Obviously the people being laid off are more important, but United is also in the process of grounding an extraordinary number of aircraft and it’s a painful experience for many of those involved. This account which came to me below is a particularly poignant tale from an angry captain who writes of the distress involved in […]

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Ryanair accident.jpg

Ryanair accident: pilot’s father (apparently) tells the story

Someone claiming (plausibly, I personally think) to be the father of one of the pilots in yesterday’s Ryanair Boeing 737 accident at Rome Ciampino has turned up on Pprune with a highly illuminating version of events.

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Airbus stamp 4.jpg

Airbus’ philatelic coup in China

I’m not exactly clear how this happened, but Airbus appears to have pulled off quite a PR coup in China by getting its aircraft on the country’ stamps.

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Chaos theory and why major aircraft programmes go wrong

From America’s National Public Radio – the station that makes the BBC World Service seem recklessly frivolous – comes a great story illustrating how tiny snags have the potential to put Airbus/Boeing on the front of Newseek (as the man involved puts it.)

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