Ryanair accident: pilot’s father (apparently) tells the story

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Someone claiming (plausibly, I personally think) to be the father of one of the pilots in yesterday’s Ryanair Boeing 737 accident at Rome Ciampino has turned up on Pprune with a highly illuminating version of events.

If this is all true then Ciampino has shades of BA038 and the devil will be in the detail regarding how good a job the crew did. If the handling pilot’s dad (who clearly sounds like a pilot too) is proudly telling the story on Pprune then I guess they both think s/he did a nice job.

Ryanair obviously can’t say this, but I can: from a PR perspective you could hardly arrange a better accident! Cause outside the airline’s control, well-handled (probably), and nobody too badly hurt (probably).

Here’s the text of the Pprune post BTW:

Gents: to get it clear

Greasecap JR was PF


at 200 ft on short final at (100752LT nov) CIO a multple bird hit occurred on a RYR flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Rome Ciampino.

More than 200 birdhits were counted (afterwards)

Engine nr 1 stopped (no power)

TOGA initated by PF, captain took over and after (0,020sec) engine nr 2 stopped

Put him down on the runway (a bit hard as you can see)

However NO CASUALTIES at landing (7 persons were taken into hospital due to neck complaints)

Crew did a perfect job

No paint programs were used to modify the photo or any ropes were used to evacuate the crew the crew asked for stairs to evacuate the passengers

The slide and the doors were openend by the recue services (see photo)

hope this will clarify some things.


Greasecap senior

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2 Responses to Ryanair accident: pilot’s father (apparently) tells the story

  1. David Connolly November 11, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    Kieran is correct in comparing this feathered version of BA-038. It is liberating having absolutely no choice of where to land. Unlike BA-038, I suspect the crew will avoid a “Willie Walsh Heathrow Hero’s Press Conference”.
    If they do a PR-PC and previous long forgottten layover photos end up in the News Of The Screws, with their new found value, it can only be hoped that the skipper is lying naked on the hotel floor with a feather sticking out of his tailpipe. Unlike the Heathrow Hero’s liquorice sticking out of his.

  2. mutuelle santé October 5, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Can’t understand what’s going on with BA crew is there any problem with the crew?

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