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THY Turkish Airlines contest – the tension mounts

Rather like the epic Aeroflot saga fought out between governments hand in hand with Boeing and Airbus, the ongoing THY Turkish Airlines contest is turning out to have a predictably long-drawn-out final scene. Today Flight’s extremely well-informed Turkish correspondent Tolga Ozbek reports that the decision, due to have been made before the end of the year, […]

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Unusual Attitude not for sale anymore

  It’s official. UA, everyone else at Flight, and all our colleagues at New Scientist, Farmers Weekly, Personnel Today, and indeed Variety, Beleggers Belangen, and The Lancet are no longer for sale. So we’re all staying part of the Reed Business Information division of Reed Elsevier for the foreseeable. News still being digested by everyone for the […]

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American Airlines’ Arpey: no regrets about dodging Chapter 11

American is famously still the only one of the US majors not to have resorted to Chapter 11 to sort out its problems over the years, and analysts have always had mixed views as to whether that was smart or not. I’ve been struck by two things about it: the detectable pride that many in […]

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What is the NATO codename for the Ilyushin Il-76?

Yup, that’s it. Very Candid indeed in this case. Not quite sure what’s going on to be honest.

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ARJ21 first flight picture fest

For a closer look at the ARJ21 you should go to this forum where member Caucfly has been working overtime on chronicling the first-flight. Lots of detailed images. (Oh, and a Shaanxi Y-8 if I’m not mistaken.)

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Nice picture of ARJ21 first flight (from America)

China’s ARJ21 70-90-seat regional jet is flying and here’s a decent pic of it, courtesy of General Electric.   GE of course provides the CF34 engines. And pretty well every other system on the aircraft is Western – mostly American in fact. Honeywell, Collins, Hamilton Sunstrand, Parker Hannifin, Moog - you get the idea. Liebherr-Aerospace from […]

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Aviation branding catastrophe of 2008

If you’re not British, and maybe even if you are, you’re possibly not as familiar with the internal policy twists of the UK Conservative Party as you are with, say, those of the US Democrats. So a quick reprise… A couple of months ago even those people who follow these things closely were astonished when […]

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The Onion takes a look at aviation

The Onion has a couple of gloriously surreal aviation items running. For you air transport folks there’s American Airlines’ plans for new fees…for non-passengers… And for you military specialists, news of the first open try-outs for The Blue Angels.

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