Aviation branding catastrophe of 2008

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If you’re not British, and maybe even if you are, you’re possibly not as familiar with the internal policy twists of the UK Conservative Party as you are with, say, those of the US Democrats. So a quick reprise…

A couple of months ago even those people who follow these things closely were astonished when shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers suddenly announced one fine morning that, if elected, the Conservatives would scrap the proposed third Heathrow runway. In fact, quite a few actual members of the Conservative party were astonished, and more so when leader David Cameron gave the policy his support. This is the Party of Business, remember.

Whichever side of the argument you’re on, it’s baffling why you would at this stage commit yourself to a firm position on one of the most controversial questions in London when there may not be an election until 2010. In short, neither supporters nor opponents understand why Ms Villiers did what she did.

Anyway, one result is that some of her fellow Conservatives created a group opposed to the policy and supporting the third runway. I mean, they’re just trying to help. And there is still time for the Conservatives for International Travel to have a branding re-think. But until then, yup, they’re C-FIT.

Unless they see fit to do a little more research.

(For those interested, more on the subject from political blogger Iain Dale. And a possible explanation for la Villiers’ behaviour in our Aviation and the Environment blog.)

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  1. Gareth December 1, 2008 at 7:45 pm #

    I knew that some blog somewhere would have an issue with ‘c-fit’, despite many google checks that the acronym was ok!

    Fair game as they say!

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