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Astar birdstrike 2.jpg

Nasty helicopter birdstrike pictures

Pretty astonishing pix below of a Eurocopter AS350 birdstrike in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago courtesy, in the roundabout way of the web, of Hectop, who has posted several more of them. Nobody hurt apparently. Helicopter force-landed outside ‘adult’ shop as it happens.Connoisseurs of this sort of thing may like another look at the […]

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World’s longest repainting programme gets new lease of life

Back on 1 May 2007 I wrote a post asking: Has Delta ever actually managed to repaint its fleet?In view of the movie below, that’ll be a ‘no’ then… I can’t remember who it was, but the CEO of one of the original Delta Connection regionals used to tell the tale of walking into the […]

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USAirways 1549.jpg

Remarkable passenger’s account of USAirways 1549 ditching

The ditching of the A320 itself was obviously pretty impressive, but in many ways that was only the start of the passengers’ problems and the fact that they all survived to tell the tale is quite incredible. This account below by a manager at executive headhunters Heidrick & Struggles confirms just how dangerous the situation […]

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Respecting your elders after USAirways 1549

It’s rude I know, and I apologise in advance to the good ladies of USAirways for highlighting the information below, but it seems only the right thing to do. That ditching of USAirways flight 1549 was notable for many things, but one other has come to light – the extraordinary quantity of flying experience packed into […]

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Video of the USAirways Airbus A320 ditching in New York

Turns out the whole thing was captured by the US Coast Guard. Quite extraordinary footage. Incident begins at 2:02.

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Air Canada Jazz and lifejackets – revisiting an earlier decision?

A pretty sure bet for an agenda item at today’s Air Canada Jazz management catch-up is a discussion of whether taking lifejackets off their aircraft where possible is quite so sensible in the light of last night’s events.

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New York birdstrikes – a well-known problem

Damn that branta canadensis! Not wanting to finger an innocent species after last night’s events, but unsurprisingly New York has a known Canada goose problem as this paper below published last year explains.

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Airbus ditch switch.JPG

About that Airbus ditching switch

The USAirways A320 accident last night has prompted a lot of interest in Airbus’ so-called ditching switch. Courtesy of a guy called Andy Tracy, who is apparently a Cathay Pacific A330/340 captain, here’s some detail on just what it does. Normal – The system functions normally. ON – The following valves close; (Lt White) -           […]

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Binbrook mess thumb.JPG

WIWOL legacy – RAF Binbrook officers mess today

  Bit of a personal obsession I know, but if you like Lightnings then you’ll want to see this – although not in a good way. Old airfield buildings make the hairs on my neck stand up, and in some ways the sensation is more acute in places like messes than in operational buildings.

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Aeroflot briefing.JPG

If we crash, you jump out here or here. Got that? Whatever…

In fairness I believe Aeroflot is delivering a vastly better product these days, but on domestic flights things can still be a little, umm, lacklustre. Great video here of a less than wholly enthusiastic safety briefing

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