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Boeing 727-200 – just the thing for Melville Hall

Melville Hall Airport, Dominica (TDPD) has 4,777ft of east-west concrete, some robust terrain at one end, and a glorious sea-view at the other. No lighting. An interesting place to squeak into where ideally you’d like to be in a suitably STOL-performing aeroplane. You know, like a Boeing 727-200F…If you’d like to try this, the employer […]

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Air New Zealand Airbus A320 crash report – investigator explains

The interim report on the mysterious loss of the Air New Zealand A320 at Perpignan is out. It’s a highly informative and scrupulously objective document. Perhaps predictably it has nevertheless caused a degree of uproar in New Zealand (or so it seems from this distance) and is getting the usual ripping apart by the anti-Airbus […]

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Sully lays into airline management in Congressional hearing

US1549 Captain Chesley B. “Sully“ Sullenberger III has launched a remarkable attack on the airline industry in his prepared remarks before the House Aviation Sub-Commitee. Sully, a member of USAPA, says over the years he has had to take a 40% pay cut as a pilot and see his pension rights slashed. And his “decision to […]

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CAA pic of Bond EC225.jpg

Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma tailcone recovered

Quite impressively, the investigation team looking at the mysterious loss of the Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma in the North Sea last week has now recovered the tailcone which broke off completely. You can see the picture full-size here. Commentary below.

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PHI S-76.jpeg

PHI S-76 crash – looks like birdstrike after all

Turns out that the loud noise captured by the CVR on the PHI S-76++ in that horrible crash in the Louisana swamps almost certainly was a birdstrike after all. A hawk in fact. And the NTSB confirms the comment left on my original post on this subject that the Sikorsky laminated glass windscreens are replaced […]

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I’d just like to know WIHIH???

Here in sarf Lahndan we say: “Leave it mate, ‘e’s not wurf it.” I think somebody somewhere in this Russian airliner may say roughly the same thing, but it’s hard to tell. No idea what’s happening or on what frankly. Leave a comment if you have any insight.

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UA 767 6.jpeg

United Airlines Boeing 767 trashed by firefighting system

So, the story I’m told goes like this. United takes fleet 6452, a Boeing 767-300, and gives it the full customer-facing treatment. New seats, interior fittings, and best of all, Panasonic’s all-singing, all-dancing in-flight entertainment. All done at its Chicago maintenance base. Last week, job nearly done, the bird’s due back on the line…and then […]

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The arrogance of Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal

So what do we know about the Colgan Air Q400 crash at Buffalo? A reasonably experienced crew landing in the icy dark in a modern turboprop aircraft at a well-equipped airport with some questions about its glideslope reliability. The aircraft slows down for unknown reasons and ends in what looks like a stall-induced horrendous upset […]

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Tailplane icing in aircraft like the Bombardier Q400

And one other extremely informative source on icing. This movie is about the really very frightening phenomenon of tailplane (horizontal stabilizer) icing. Just imagine pulling back and reducing power in order to recover from a stall. This is what these regional guys get paid their miserable salaries to know about. No wonder some of them […]

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British Airways RJ crashes at London City Airport

In the course of touring TV stations today I got talking to a well-known presenter about the forthcoming launch of British Airways transatlantic service from downtown London City Airport to New York JFK later this year. (Using Airbus A318s.)

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