Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma tailcone recovered

BBC pic of Bond tailcone.jpg

Quite impressively, the investigation team looking at the mysterious loss of the Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma in the North Sea last week has now recovered the tailcone which broke off completely. You can see the picture full-size here. Commentary below. A big caution first – any damage seen could obviously have been causedpost-crash, either by the action of the sea or during the recoveryoperation. However, here are the points of interest:

  • all four tail-rotor blades are attached to the tail-rotor hub which appears securely attached to the fin.
  • the ventral strake has lost about 40% of its depth across itsentire length (if you see what I mean – basically it looks as if it’sbeen crushed by a vertical impact from below)
  • the horizontal stabiliser, which normally protrudes from the leftside of the fin just below the height of the tail-rotor hub is entirelymissing.

I’d guess we will be hearing from the AAIB, who have been oddly silent, about their initial findings pretty soon.

It’s all supposed to look like this.

CAA pic of Bond EC225.jpg

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