British Airways RJ crashes at London City Airport

In the course of touring TV stations today I got talking to a well-known presenter about the forthcoming launch of British Airways transatlantic service from downtown London City Airport to New York JFK later this year. (Using Airbus A318s.)

Would he be seeing me on the inaugural flight that he’d been invitedon? Sadly no, I told him. BA has never been very enthusiastic abouttaking technical press on their jollies. (Although, to be fair, theytook me on Concorde to JFK in their last desperate attempts to savethat service. I thought it was better it was stopped actually – butthat’s another story.)

My TV friend mentioned that he’d spoken to a couple of BA pilots who’dexpressed reservations about performing the demanding, steep approachto London City at the end of a tiring night-crossing of the Atlantic.We talked about the dangers of LCY and I pointed out that although theinitial fear had been that aircraft might overrun and fall intoLondon’s docks, in fact the issue over the years has been that, intheir determination not to do that, pilots have more commonly landedheavily and broken their aircraft that way instead.

Two hours later this happened.

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