Cause of the USAirways 1549 crash written in the stars

I’m surprised really that the NTSB is fussing around trying to work out why US1549 crashed, seeing as Kathryn Cassidy has already made the obvious point that the whole thing was pretty inevitable, You know, given that “Asc trine Pluto. Moon square SA/UR. MC square Mercury. Uranus and MC on Mars/Node etc etc”. Now, as many of you will realise, at the time of the ditching we wereexperiencing “Saturn/Uranus opposition and Pluto’s entry intoCapricorn”. And you hardly need me to point out that, compared to the loss of the Airbus A320 at Habsheim in 1988, “Now we are at the exact opposition of this cycle and again an Airbus is involved”. (Kathryn’s bold font not mine.)

I can probably best sum this up by simply providing the killer evidence: yes, this is Capt Sully’s birth chart.

Sully's chart.jpg

’nuff said I think.

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