Ryanair and THY Turkish – and that’s about it for this year

Talking to equipment salesfolk looking to ride on the coat-tails of new Boeing and Airbus narrowbody orders this year I hear that about the only prospects for sizeable business are THY and Ryanair.

One old hand in the engine game tells me that even his most seniorteam-members are having to Google some of the exotic places that theyare now travelling to in a desperate attempt to find some sort, anysort, of deal.

THY, which was due to make a decision in December, and then on 19January, is apparently happy to string things out for as long as ittakes to get the pricing they want. As they’re looking for 105 aircraft- about one in seven of the likely market – that’s likely to be on thelow side.

What the vendors are praying for is that Ryanair will go for it in2009. Right now the Messrs O’Leary, Cawley and co are watching andwaiting in the belief that things are going to get worse and prices aregoing south. Then the serious talking will begin.

Now Ryanair has confirmed that it’s looking for 300-400 aircraftand insisting that Airbus is as viable as Boeing. (Which presumablymeans in turn that IAE is as viable as CFM????) The question is whenwill they finally strike.

Meanwhile, my contact says, his team are spending increasing amounts oftime ensconsed with the company lawyers examining the small print ofearlier deals as customers come back claiming all sorts of allegedlyagreed get-out clauses to avoid taking aircraft they already ordered.

Still, last year some of them had their biggest ever commissions, so they should survive the recession.

Anyone think they know of any other large prospects for 2009???

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