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Mulally and Streiff – how’s it going?

Two years or so after they both quit aerospace for the auto industry, everyone’s favourite Boeing exec looks like being last man standing in Detroit, whereas the man whose 100-day tenure was short even by the standards of the Airbus merry-go-round is moving on. Alan Mulally’s labour relations skills have served him well since the […]

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PHI S-76 rig accident 2.jpg

PHI S-76 very lucky

This PHI Sikorsky S-76 is that close from being over the side of this Gulf of Mexico rig. Circumstances are unclear due to a curious lack of public data. Larger original pictures here and PPrune discussion here. Leave a comment if you know more.

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Austrian Airlines Boeing 767 winglets – just gorgeous

I know it’s been said before, by me among others, but winglets make the otherwise aesthetically unremarkable Boeing 767 look quite stunning. Austrian Airlines is the latest to get them in the air. Joining American, Delta and Lan (although I’m not absolutely sure that Lan has actually flown yet – fitted them anyway.)

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Lightning 3.jpeg

Delta Connection CRJ lightning strike on cockpit

Anyone know anymore about this one? And ideally have the original pictures, which my contact doesn’t have? (Better still – the CVR tape!) Clearly it’s a Delta Connection Bombardier CRJ of some flavour and equally clearly the crew have a story to tell their children, (which fortunately I guess they will have the option of […]

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Seattle P-I and James Wallace’s blog

What is the decent thing to do as a publisher when one of your star bloggers leaves your publication? This has happened already of course, and will happen quite a lot in future.Two obvious possibilities I suppose: you let them take their blog brands with them and carry on, or you don’t let them use […]

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Delta/Northwest merger – so many tricky issues

You know – repainting, uniforms, cola…the list is endless. (And then there’s seniority lists, balance sheets, fleet plans…)With Northwest and Delta the cola is a particularly knotty problem. What with Delta being in Coca Cola’s hometown and all. Should be a shoo-in, but not so, because Northwest carries, yup, Pepsi. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains.The painting […]

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Coming to your engine – parts stronger than a speeding bullet

The actual bullet test is probably not particularly useful, but it is true that the forthcoming generation of commercial and, rather sooner, military engines is likely to feature ceramic matrix composite components (stuff like silicon carbide for example). The efficiency gains are remarkable at a time when it’s getting very difficult to squeeze more out […]

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Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma crash – first bulletin

The UK AAIB has finally put out an initial bulletin on the happily non-fatal loss of the Bond Helicopters Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma in the North Sea last month. Most of it confirms the semi-official version of events which has been pretty well-circulated in the offshore helicopter community. But there’s some very interesting additional information.

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Colgan Air Q400 crash – interesting NTSB update

The NTSB has just issued an update on the investigation of the Colgan Air Q400 loss at Buffalo. Full text below. Several interesting hints at where this is going. Basically it is looking rather more as if this investigation will be looking hard at some of the more nuanced factors like training, scheduling, as well […]

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Tuninter ditching.jpeg

Jailing of the Tuninter ATR 72 ditching crew is a disgrace

The International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA) is angry about the jailing in Italy of the Tunisian crew of the ATR 72 that ditched in August 2005. And so am I. The Italian court also jailed seven Tuninter managers including execs and various maintenance staff. None of them were in court and I’m not […]

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