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Emirates Melbourne tailstrike – the questions have barely begun

I don’t think there can any longer be any doubt that Emirates is plain wrong in sacking the pilots of the Airbus A340-500 who made the error that led to the near-catastrophe in Melbourne.   Australia’s ATSB investigation agency has revealed its initial findings today and they make crystal clear that the whole question of […]

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Colgan Q400 crash.jpg

Colgan Air Q400 investigation not so simple either

That Turkish Airlines investigation in the previous post isn’t the only one turning out to be more subtle in terms of pilot performance than first impressions suggested. In a couple of weeks time the US NTSB will hold its public hearing on the Colgan Air Bombardier Q400 crash at Buffalo back in February. I understand […]

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Turkish crash.jpeg

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 crash at Amsterdam: not so simple

The Dutch preliminary report on the loss of the Boeing 737-800 at Amsterdam in February is out and it shows that matters are more complex than first realised. No surprise of course. A lot of commenters here and elsewhere were pretty critical of the crew’s behaviour and the report gives the critics some added evidence, […]

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The question I should have asked American Airlines’ Henry Joyner

Last Friday I interviewed at some length American Airlines senior VP planning Henry Joyner. It was a wide-ranging interview and we talked about many things. In fact he actually commented to me afterwards that he was surprised at the different areas I pursued for our different publications, and I explained to him that at Flight […]

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Super Puma investigation – one last chance for Eurocopter

UK investigators trying to puzzle out what caused the main gear box on that Bond Helicopters Eurocopter Super Puma to fail catastrophically have just confirmed that the task is proving every bit as tough as you might imagine. In a second ‘initial’ report they say that first it’s now clear that the mechanics were effectively […]

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Easyjet nice fin.jpg

Easyjet Airbus A320 – fins really ain’t what they used to be

Regular readers will know I don’t like returning from holiday withoutsqueezing a blog post out of it, which brings me to the question of thedire state of Easyjet’s fins (vertical stabilisers). 

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C-160R Transall on road.jpg

Death of a Transall (or the Tynes they are a changin’)

My chum Brian Weatherly here at Reed Business Information waited, as far as I can tell, for about 30 years for blogging to be invented and has since spent his every working hour lovingly creating BigLorryBlog. Like all truckies he actually likes aircraft too and regularly sends me his aviation-themed blog-posts, and I regretfully but […]

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Flickr of airport flow.jpg

For all you air traffic controllers out there…

…I suppose in the end this is what it’s all about??? Full size version here courtesy of vector1771 who’s from Portland, Oregon where I rather suspect this was taken???

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Second Bond accident wreckage.jpg

Eurocopter Super Puma: a truly difficult issue

The question of what to do about the Super Puma following the recent fatal loss of the Bond Helicopters machine is an incredibly hard one to answer. And it reverberates through the whole world of helicopter operations. I’m treading on eggshells here, and some people will no doubt object to my even discussing this, but […]

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A340 8C-check1.jpg

For all you Airbus A340 fans out there…

Yes, both of you! Nice picture of an Air China A340 in the midst of a 8C-check at Ameco Beijing. The work included a major structural mod that involves removing the fin as you can see. When it all gets put back together it looks like the bottom picture. Ameco Beijing is an Air China […]

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