Third offshore heavy helicopter loss in seven weeks

Another grim day for the offshore aviation business – a Bond Helicopters aircraft, presumed to be a Eurocopter Super Puma of one type or another – has been lost in the North Sea. Current reports of upwards of eight bodies recovered, remainder of the 16 occupants missing. SAR mission still underway.

That, you’ll recall, follows the thankfully non-fatal loss of another Bond Super Puma (an EC225) last month, and the very nasty loss of the Cougar Helicopters Sikorsky S-92 in the Atlantic earlier this month with 17 fatalities.

Any connection? Not so far. The first Bond was CFIT of some complexity, and Cougar was catastrophically mechanical. Today’s accident happened only a couple of hours ago. There are entirely unconfirmed reports of there being no mayday call, and the weather is relatively fine. But there’s no meaningful indicator as to what happened.

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