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British Airways 747-400 and that Johannesburg take-off

Unfortunately I’m travelling and not in a position to check this out properly, but what appears to be a pretty authoritative account of some first-rate aviating by a BA 747-400 crew on 11 May has now turned up. Reports of this Johannesburg incident have been popping up over the last 48 hours, getting increasingly lurid […]

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Red Arrows and Patrouille de France display their female pilots

The RAF and Armee de l’Air are of course playing down the significance of this, but to any of us of a certain age it’s highly significant – in an entirely good way.Apparently coincidentally, the UK’s Red Arrows and France’s Patrouille de France are each fielding their first female pilots this year. In an ideal […]

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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 fire evacuation at Houston

Remarkable video today of the evacuation of a Boeing 737 with a landing-gear fire at Houston. Some people questioning how long it took to initiate, which is something like 2 minutes after the end of the landing run. Other people commenting on all the passengers coming down the one visible slide with hand-baggage, especially the […]

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Colgan Air letter to ALPA re use of CVR in FOQA

This below is the text of a letter sent from Colgan Air VP flight operations Harry Mitchel to the chairman of ALPA’s master executive council at Colgan, Capt Mark Segaloff.

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Colgan Air CVR transcript – how sterile should a cockpit be?

The NTSB has released the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) tape from the Colgan Air Bombardier Q400 in the Buffalo crash. It ends in the usual gut-wrenching way that these documents do, and no doubt some of you will have views on whether it should even be released.It’s important in this case though […]

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Colgan Air Q400 crash: how about putting CVR tapes into FOQA?

Buried in the pile of pretty incendiary documents on the Colgan Air Q400 crash that will start to become public today, I understand there is one that will cause particular angst in the pilot community. That’s a suggestion from Colgan that cockpit voice recorder (CVR) extracts should become part of the flight operations quality assurance […]

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JAL Boeing 747-400 sucks baggage container into engine at LAX

Now that’s what I call FOD! In case you doubted it, a General Electric CF6 can’t swallow a standard baggage container. Actually what’s interesting is that the container is still at least sort-of in one piece, I wonder if the crew had time to throttle back before the impact??? Will keep the AOG desks busy […]

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The strange tale of the Hawker 800XP and the (alleged) rolls

Putting these sort of ripples in the fuselage of the famously beefy Hawker 800 is not an easy thing to do (click for full size). So how was it done? More pix and unconfirmed story here.Official NTSB account below:DFW08WA091On March 28, 2008, at 0808 centralstandard time N167DD, a British Aerospace BAE 125 model 800A wassubstantially […]

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How many pilots does it take to change a light bulb?

Great answer here.

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Vanity Fair epic on USAirways 1549 irritates pilots

In the great tradition of US magazine journalism, Vanity Fair’s William Langewiesche , a GA pilot himself, has come up with just shy of 11,000 words (count ‘em) on the Hudson River Airbus A320 ditching. The majority of the piece is actually ‘about’ other incidents, philosophy and science of flight, history of Airbus etc – […]

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