SAA Airbus A340 in Heathrow carnage

These pix have it all – falling bodies, flying feathers, bloodsmeared fuselage. All captured by Michael Humpherson of Pumaknight Images who was photographing aircraft at Heathrow when a South African Airways Airbus A340 had this messy encounter with a flock of our avian friends. Nobody hurt (well, depends on your personal philosophy I suppose.)

See more of my birdstrike posts using the tag cloud on the right, more of Michael’s pix here, and for a more in-depth review, I recently wrote this feature in Flight International.

SAA birdstrike 1.jpg

SAA birdstrike 2.jpg

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2 Responses to SAA Airbus A340 in Heathrow carnage

  1. Rob Edgcumbe May 5, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    I had a similar experience at Washington National last year. A big flock of gulls met an RJ on the approach and didn’t all make it out the other side intact.

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