Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 fire evacuation at Houston

Remarkable video today of the evacuation of a Boeing 737 with a landing-gear fire at Houston. Some people questioning how long it took to initiate, which is something like 2 minutes after the end of the landing run. Other people commenting on all the passengers coming down the one visible slide with hand-baggage, especially the guy with his briefcase chasing his papers over the tarmac. I’m not sure about the timing – seems an age when you sit here watching the video, probably seemed like no time at all to the crew. ATC tape here.

Good to see the crew not popping the doors on the fire-side of the aircraft though. Smart thinking.

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  1. Mutuelle October 6, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    The video is indeed very remarkable.What was the outcomes?Did someone got burn?How did it catch fire?what were the reasons behind?was is a fault on their behalf itself?

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