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That British Airways 747 close-call at Jo’burg – FAA takes action

The incident at Johannesburg last month in which a British Airways crew very nicely avoided a potentially catastrophic situation on take-off has resulted in an airworthiness directive on the Boeing 747-400.The AD finally confirms precisely what happened. Prior to V1 a thrust-reverser amber warning was generated and a few seconds later, after V1, a second […]

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Yemenia Airbus A310 accident at Moroni – not a great approach

Obviously nobody has any idea how the Yemenia Airbus A310 crashed at Moroni in the Comoros, but pilots familiar with the airport are cheerfuly admitting that it’s a challenging place to go. In particular the approach to runway 20 at night, in poor weather, is not great – although obviously it doesn’t in itself explain […]

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So Prime Minister, what did you think of Lufthansa Technik’s floor?

Let me say first that I have no doubt that the floor in Lufthansa Technik’s new Malta hangar is a truly fabulous example of its kind. And also that I do sympathise with poor Jane Shepherd whose job it is to create press releases on, well, floors. (Inasmuch as I ever sympathise with the PR […]

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When all else fails – ANZ’s naked flight-safety video

You remember the Air New Zealand body-paint ad based on the “nothing to hide” tagline – as opposed to low-cost carriers who hide extra fees in their booking conditions – well they’ve, er, extended the concept to the flight-safety announcement. (Once you start writing about risque stuff, everything sounds dodgy.) Great videos. More videos in […]

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Super Puma investigation reveals major survivor location snags

Happily the February loss of a Bond Helicopters EC225 Super Puma in the North Sea was non-fatal, and now it turns out that luckily it was in benign conditions for the survivors. That’s because of three serious and unsuspected phenomena that led to the search operation being much more difficult than you’d imagine in the […]

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AF447: NTSB looking at other incidents (apparently!)

What if they put out a press release and nobody believed it? Slightly surreally the NTSB issued a press release last night giving brief details of two AF447-like incidents of which they’ve become aware, but because of how they did it some people are very sensibly questioning if it’s real. Quite right too. The problem […]

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AF447: press conference next week

The French BEA investigators have just announced that their next press conference will be in Paris at 15:00 local (13:00GMT  09:00EST) for up to two hours next Thursday 2 July. There is an entirely unconfirmed story around that the preliminary report will be issued next Tuesday 30 June.

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AF447: could this be what finds the black boxes

A company in Lafayette, Louisiana called C&C Technologies has added some important detail to the way the black-box pinger behaves at the end of its battery life, but more importantly it describes the unmanned submarine that it may use to help the search for the FDR/CVR and sunk debris. C&C say they’ve already been contacted […]

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AF 447: black box not found says on-scene commander

French newspaper Le Monde this morning reported that the pinger from one of the AF447 flight recorders may have been found, but the report has just been denied by the commander on the scene interviewed by French radio station Europe 1. English translation of the Europe 1 report follows: The black boxes of the Airbus […]

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AF 447: Air France briefs pilots on pitots and investigation status

A document that appears to be a detailed Air France briefing to its pilot workforce from four days ago (ie just after the BEA press conference last week) has turned up. Seems pretty clear that it’s genuine. You can see the original in French here, or the same thing here where it was originally posted. […]

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