AF 447: black box not found says on-scene commander

French newspaper Le Monde this morning reported that the pinger from one of the AF447 flight recorders may have been found, but the report has just been denied by the commander on the scene interviewed by French radio station Europe 1.

English translation of the Europe 1 report follows: The black boxes of the Airbus A330 that crashed at sea on 1 June havestill not been located. Contacted by Europe 1 Tuesday morning, PhilippeGuillemet, the commander of the ship “Pourquoi Pas?” in the search area has categorically denied the information publishedearlier by The that the signal box Black was found.

To the question “Very clearly, you have not spotted any of theblack boxes?” Guillemet commander replied: “Absolutely. What we haveread in Le Monde, I regret that this is not correct. I shall not validateany of this information, I do not know where it comes from. It is stillunder investigation.”

“A signlal was received but nothing is confirmedunfortunately. We receive signals nearly everyday and afterwards they must be considered. That is a false information that ispassed. ”

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